My heart has always been in photography and memories but it is not until recently that the spark was reignited in me to pursue it as more than just a hobby.


As a little girl with my blue Mickey Mouse camera, I couldn’t wait to turn in that film and see what developed.  In high school I took photography classes and found myself looking at photographs and photography in a whole new light; messing around in the darkroom and playing with double exposures.  Fast forward years after college and starting a family, my passion for photography was reborn when I gave birth to our baby girl. Although I delighted in capturing her precious moments, I never made the time to continue with photography and instead solely focused on my family. And now, although our second child is on the way, a passion has stirred in me to once again pick up the camera and see what beauty I can find. I aim to capture unforgettable moments and hope to have the privilege to do the same for you.

Olivia Prince